Massy Distribution at a Glance

Massy Distribution is widely known as the largest multi principal distribution company in Trinidad & Tobago. We are dedicated to enhancing the experience of our customers by providing a wide range of quality products and services.

You are encouraged to browse our site to get a better understanding of who we are and the services that we provide.

We are also part of the MASSY Group which has companies across the distribution, industrial equipment, energy & industrial gases, technology and properties categories throughout the region.

Trinidad & Tobago Country Overview

  • Exchange Rate: TT$6.50 to US$1.00
  • GDP: U.S. $19.70 billion (2009)
Annual Growth Rate
  • (0.9%) 2010 to June 2010
  • 0.8% 2009
  • 3.5% 2008
  • Per capita income: U.S $21,300 (2009 est
Inflation (Sept 2010)